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Community Events

Beauty CO-OP hosts holistic and inspiration events throughout the year. 

Here's where you'll find our event calendar. 

If you are interested in presenting a event please contact us!

Thomas Nolan III PhD

How to Take Control of Your Life Worshop


Sun 3/24/19

2:30pm Beauty CO-OP

The Holistic Warrior


Reserve seat $15 Deposit. Contact Nicole (405) 348-2769

Purchase book in advance (optional)

Didgeridoo Sound Healing

SAT 4/13/19

2:00pm Beauty CO-OP 

Rachel Yates

Bring yoga mat or towel

Cost $17

*Space is limited. 

Text Nicole to reserve a spot

Nicole (405) 348-2769 

$10 Deposit required.

Didgeridoo Sound Healing

The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal instrument dating back thousands of years. It was traditionally used in tribal ceremonies as a spiritual tool to elevate consciousness and was a sacred instrument to the Aboriginal people. The first didgeridoos were made from long eucalyptus logs that were hollowed out by insects. Most didgeridoos today are made from various materials such as wood, agave, bamboo, PVC, and fiberglass. The low, deep vibration of the didgeridoo is said to promote states of relaxation that can aid meditation. The low frequency wavelength (50-200 hertz) allows the player and listener to access realms of sound and vibration not commonly experienced in daily life. Didgeridoo healing is also called vibrational healing due to the effects of the vibrations which are caused by the low frequency. The didgeridoo may have a healing effect on tissue and bone and can help to unblock stagnant energy in the listener’s energetic field. Those who have experienced the effects of the didgeridoo say it is calming, soothing, relaxing, stress-relieving, primal, mesmerizing, primordial, and grounding.


Community Event 


Bare Foot Wise Woman Acupuncturist

Acupuncture Session $20 for adults $5 for kids. *First come first serve.

by Barefoot Wise Woman