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At the Beauty CO-OP we provide space for local handcrafted products and artists. 

Created by women for women. Meet our fabulous vendors! And be sure to stop in & shop!

Essential Path

Alicia Sabatino

I'm Alicia Sabatino, a 42 year old wife and mother of two hooligan boys, and the creator of The Essential Path. I hand craft beauty and wellness products. 

I began my walk along the natural path later in life, but what I discovered was an incredibly powerful tool.

It is my belief that we all carry with us an innate instinct, a knowing, to look for products that not only support our bodies to do what they were designed to do, the also help us look beautiful too.

When we discover the true magic and power of plants, we also discover more about ourselves and just how incredible we truly are.

I would be honored to help guide you along the path, The Essential Path, to discover and learn more. Join me in the Facebook Group, The Essential Path, where I will share DIY recipes, tips on non-toxic living, and all sorts of amazing things you won't want to miss.

Coco’s Handmade Earrings was started in August 2018 by Tanya Hood, also known as Coco by her grandson. Tanya has always had a spunky personality and loves all things colorful, unique and FUN! After realizing how hard it was to find unique, BIG earrings she decided to make her own. She began being stopped by women in the airport, out shopping and just having drinks with girlfriends wanting to know where she got her earrings from. Something that started as a fun hobby has now become a booming business for Coco. Coco’s Handmade Earrings are made by hand, by Coco from real leather. Very much like Coco herself, each pair is unique and one of a kind.

Remedy Candle Co.

Remedy Candle Co. came about after a candle lover and crafter found herself hoarding empty jars that had yet to have a purpose. After making a small batch of candles with supplies from a local craft store, we decided we had found a new love in candle making. It wasn’t long before people were asking where they could purchase these candles that we decided to build a business around not only making candles but repurposing glass that would otherwise be thrown away or hopefully recycled.

Our mission is to create an amazing product for you or someone you love to enjoy with a long burn time and clean burning ingredients. After you enjoy the candle, we hope you will use your imagination to create something new from your container!


Laughing Horse Studio

Kelli Thomas


Kelli is a 4th grade teacher, local female artist, and photographer.

She's offering handmade pillows, gorgeous wildlife artwork & landscape photography.

Sage FB Page

Fancy Feathered Farms

Hi! I'm Thania Mayfield. I am owner of fancy feathered farm in Piedmont, Ok. I am a farmer, gardener, herbalist, and wrangler of 4 kids ages 15, 13, 5 and 1.

The main focus of my business is providing elderberry and herbal based products. I make and sell elderberry syrup, DIY kits, tea, elderberry jelly, elder flower tea and even elderflower based salves.

My back story to this operation isn’t a short one. The original start to my operation is a far cry from what I do now.

I will try to keep it short!

I started my farm raising chickens and breeding cayuga ducks. I have a small raised garden bed with simple veggies. I sold eating eggs, hatching eggs, chicks and ducklings. That’s why my page was originally created.

Backing up... my son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease 8 years ago. His immune system was wrecked and I was sick of allopathic doctors. Basically I took his health into my hands and began a holistic journey. To keep this part short, I discovered elderberry to be an extremely healing element to his entire immune system. Along with chiropractic care, naturopathic care and homeopathy... his immune system was fully repaired.

I became passionate about helping other moms navigate away from traditional medicine to natural.

Then my farm page took a turn. I started selling my products and from there, I began shipping stuff all over the United States.

I am currently an herbal student and strive to follow proper GMP and satisfying the Dept of Health.

I hold my manufacturing license to retail my product. I run a small market off my farm during the spring.

I supply several markets including Conscious Community Co-Op, a market near Tulsa called Farm Hippie, 3 chiropractor offices, a naturopath office and now the Beauty Co-Op!

I am at the beginning stage of constructing a commercial kitchen on our property. I am designing my herbal sanctuary for this spring. Basically a garden with all my favorite herbs.

This year I will plant an additional 50 elderberry bushes.

2021 goals : add an apiary and Push for our farm to become part of the Mid West Elderberry Cooperative.

I still have all my chickens, ducks and one loan goose. During the spring I hatch several specific breeds.

I am a one woman operation at this point. My husband is supportive of everything I’ve accomplished. 

It is NEVER dull here.


Sweet Lionz Place

Sweet Lionz is designed to make sure you stand out for every occasion. Offering you a variety of proud, sassy, chic, bold and daring fashions and jewelry.


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